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Serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk says there are two big secrets to staying motivated in business: being selfish, and knowing that you're going to die. Find the one thing that you're good at, then go all in on it. Motivational quotes are necessary. Then he began the first online video wine review, Wine Library” on YouTube, which he leveraged to get himself into the world of media. Check out his YouTube channel and blog for your daily motivational needs.

I did a talk at Web 2.0 in New York on building a personal brand through social media, and it became the basis for the book. He's written two New York Times bestselling books and his most recent book is all about how to tell your unique story in a social world.

The first thing I do when I wake up is grab my cellphone and take it to the bathroom with me, where I start my day by consuming quite a lot of information. Evan, im starting a digital marketing agency at a big level with good investment to office space and to hire people.

Great tips it's time to get to work on. Already asked my best friend what he thinks I'm good at. Time to develop habits to work on them consistently in the morning every day, and surround myself with winning players. Black Coffee says people must use rejection to get more info fuel them to do better in life.

Lastly thank you for your quality content i'm here YouTube and most of all thank you for the regular Snapchat's they not only inspire, but give people a good idea of what life is like both from the perspective of someone who is already fit and healthy and trying to change their life, i.e. you and your bulking up, but also for those like Gary who just wanna get fit and stay healthy, so I look forward to watching more YouTube videos, more snapchats and mostly reading more of your blog posts, good luck and thanks a lot.

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