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Hanwha Advanced Materials is a Private company. In such case, the damage impacted to internal components inside of the cover main body (100) may be minimized, in comparison with a case where the cover main body (100) is not broken. In general, Personal Information collected by the Company in the process of subscribing to your membership and those managed in electronic file format will be deleted immediately upon unsubscribing from membership.

3. The car undercover of claim 2, wherein a breakage is induced at a portion of the cover main body corresponding to a portion between the stiffener and the mount unit, when an impulse equal to or more than a predetermined impulse is applied to the cover main body.

The reason of forming the reinforcement rib (120) and the stiffener (200) in such structure is, in order to match the lowest protruded portion of the reinforcement rib (120) with the lowest protruded portion of the stiffener (200) and to realize a significant difference in strength by the border of the matched point.

The lower stiffener includes a core cover longitudinally installed at a lower portion of a bumper, and an inner core longitudinally installed inside the core cover, wherein density and strength of the inner core are larger than those of the core cover.

South Korean industrial material manufacturers and chemical companies are focusing on lightweight automotive materials. Moreover, China and Japan are projected to be the leading market for advanced materials in this region where countries such as India and Singapore are expected to create favorable opportunity for advanced materials market in future.

In some exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure, the mount unit may be disposed at a rear end portion of the cover main body, and a plurality of the mount unit may be provided and disposed by being spaced in a widthwise direction of the vehicle.

Korea's Hanwha Advanced Materials Corp. Hanwha has been working hard to strengthen the global competencies of our new businesses, while at the same time enhancing our business structure by focusing on specific businesses such as energy, chemicals, advanced materials and finance.

Moreover, technological development in automotive sector to produce light weight and better energy efficient vehicles is a major factor which had led automobile industries to adopt advanced materials. While a number of observers remained skeptical about the long-term viability of the Daedeok project, others had begun to question hanwha whether Hanwha truly represented a "new" kind of Korean company.

Top Nationalities working at Hanwha Advanced Materials America, LLC. Looking at Hanwa Advanced Materials website, June 16th, I do like their terminology, ' having moved aggressively into the future car market of smart cars and electric vehicles' and their tie up with Chinese car manufacturing and VW.

A stiffener (200) may be formed as a single body with the reinforcement rib (120). In other words, the stiffener (200) may reinforce strength of the cover main body (100) with respect to an impulse lower than 1 ton generated when the vehicle collides with a pedestrian, so as to prevent breakage of the cover main body (100).

Hanwha Advanced Materials America, Llc. The reinforcement rib (120) may be formed by being upwardly protruded from the cover main body (100). Hanwha Advanced Materials Corporation does not have any Key Executives recorded. Hanwha's advanced materials business is driven to achieve world-class performance for valued customers.

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